Shaping futures

"I would definitely recommend this program to others. They see the potential stars before they are discovered. And consistently assist with building the confidence of these children, along with opening doors and shaping their futures." - Joakima Proctor

Ignited a love for tennis

"The knowledgeable and talented coaches and staff have ignited a love for tennis in our son. We now have the tennis channel as part of our cable package and he enjoys watches matches and Major tournaments from around the world." - Gary Roach

Affordable tennis in Brooklyn

" Tennis is a sport that can be played for a lifetime but is not affordable to a lot young people. HPTA is providing  a valuable service to the community." - Chinweike Ukaegbu


"I like that all children and parents are treated with respect. Children are taught to be mindful of others, to care for and help others.  Highland Park Tennis Association definitely helps each child develop to their full potential in playing tennis as well as in becoming a well rounded individuals. " - Jelena Starcevic

USTA Junior Team Tennis

"Opportunities like Junior Team Tennis has kept my child's interest in tennis." - Julie Ludwick


"Training with HPTA has helped my son with Focus and determination to improve" - Nick Pugliese


"HPTA has been very instrumental in helping many of its players receive scholarships to college based on their skill development in tennis as well as academic achievements." - Cheena Mitchell

HPTA is more than tennis

"HPTA more than tennis, it's a family.  We look forward to every week and every year to be part of HPTA." - Irma Gianni


"HPTA does a wonderful job teaching the fundamentals and the mechanics of tennis. Equally important, they have reinforced our family values of fair play and good sportsmanship" - Sophia Roach

I love HPTA's commitment

"I love HPTA's commitment to the Children, and even the parents.  They are not only teaching the athletes to be good tennis players, but they are also teaching them to be good citizens and students in school.  HPTA helps to bring awareness to various charities, and shows the children and parents that every little bit counts when it comes to helping out the community." - Delia Edwards

Important life skills and discipline

"I would recommend Highland Park Tennis Association Junior Tennis Program to others because it teaches important life skills and discipline. One example is punctuality. In the rules of the program it says that if a student comes late they are not allowed on the court. This teaches players and parents that coming in on time is not only important for tennis but for future job opportunities." - Geanna Richard

Support and encouragement

"My son was giving up on tennis, he had reached a tough place--and your support and encouragement are helping to turn this around and remind him what he loves about tennis." - Kate Ryan

We are living better

"Yes, we can definitely say it has had a positive influence on us not only in tennis, but how we live our lives. It has definitely showed us how to live more moral lives." - Kacper Niepokoj

Becoming better

"I would like to thank everyone that makes this program possible because without them we would not be able to come every Saturday and Sunday to improve our tennis game as well as become better version of ourselves. Thank you for everything that you do." - Karolina Niepokoj